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Molecular characterization of the pyrolysis of biomass
Application de la spectrometrie de masse a faisceau a l'etude des mecanismes moleculaires de la pyrolyse du bois et de ses principaux constituants (cellulose, lignine et hemicellulose)
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The disappearance of relict permafrost in boreal north America: Effects on peatland carbon storage and fluxes
Boreal peatlands in Canada have harbored relict permafrost since the Little Ice Age due to the strong insulating properties of peat. Ongoing climate change has triggered widespread degradation ofExpand
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Trade-offs in resource allocation among moss species control decomposition in boreal peatlands
Summary 1. We separated the effects of plant species controls on decomposition rates from environmental controls in northern peatlands using a full factorial, reciprocal transplant experiment ofExpand
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Chemistry of Tar Formation and Maturation in the Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass
An understanding of the molecular details of tar formation and maturation in thermochemical processes is fundamental to the development of gasification and gas cleaning systems for high efficiencyExpand
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Energy consumption modeling and optimization for SRAM's
The recent trends in portable computing technologies have established the need for energy efficient design strategies. Expand
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Hydrogen from biomass: state of the art and research challenges
The report was prepared for the International Energy Agency (IEA) Agreement on the Production and Utilization of Hydrogen, Task 16, Hydrogen from Carbon-Containing Materials. Hydrogen's share in theExpand
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Catalytic conversion of microalgae and vegetable oils to premium gasoline, with shape-selective zeolites
Abstract A seminal paper by Mobil researchers in 1979 demonstrated that a remarkable range of materials were convertible to a similar, high-octane, aromatic, gasoline product slate when passed overExpand
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Birth of a mud volcano : East Java , 29 May 2006
On 29 May 2006, an eruption of steam, water, and, subsequently, mud occurred in eastern Java in a location where none had been previously documented. This “pioneer” mud eruption (the first to occurExpand
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Mass spectrometric studies of the thermal decomposition of carbohydrates using 13C-labeled cellulose and glucose.
The mechanism of the thermal decomposition of carbohydrates is very important to the development of fuels, fibers, and paper products. To help gain more insight into the pyrolysis chemistry ofExpand
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Mafic, ultramafic and anorthositic rocks of the Tete complex, Mozambique : petrology, age and significance
The c. 800 km 2 Tete Complex of northwestern Mozambique is located at the eastern end of the Neoproterozoic, east-west-trending Zambezi Belt, near the transition zone into the north-south-trendingExpand
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