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Ultra-short acting beta-blockers: a proposal for the treatment of the critically ill patient.
Beta-blockade is of proven value in the therapy of acute myocardial infarction but, unfortunately, may produce cardiac failure by removal of needed sympathetic support. The long duration of action ofExpand
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Prolonged apomorphine-like behavioural effects of apomorphine esters
Abstract In vitro and in vivo activities of a series of O , O ′-diesters of apomorphine, including diacetyl-, dipropionyl-, diisobutyryl-, dipivaloyl-, and dibenzoylapomorphine, were evaluated in theExpand
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Hydrolysis of diester prodrugs of apomorphine.
Abstract O,O′-diesters of apomorphine exert behavioral effects identical to those of apomorphine, but prolonged in proportion to the bulk of the esters. This prolonged activity may reflect depotExpand
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Alpha-methyldopamine derivatives. Synthesis and pharmacology.
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Esters of apomorphine and N,N-dimethyldopamine as agonists of dopamine receptors in the rat brain in vivo
Abstract Subcutaneous injections of O,O'-diacetylapomorphine, at doses of 0.1 to 10.0 mg kg , produced stereotyped gnawing behaviour in the rat, indistinguishable from that induced by apomorphine.Expand
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Diester derivatives as apomorphine prodrugs.
A series of diesters of apomorphine was synthesized to serve as prodrugs. They were converted in vivo to free apomorphine, which could be detected in the brain. Stereotyped gnawing behavior andExpand
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[(Arylcarbonyl)oxy]propanolamines. 1. Novel beta-blockers with ultrashort duration of action.
Novel [(arylcarbonyl)oxy]propanolamines were synthesized and investigated as potential ultrashort-acting beta-adrenergic receptor blockers. Many of these analogues exhibited good potency and shortExpand
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