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Expression of Genes Involved in Heavy Metal Trafficking in Plants Exposed to Salinity Stress and Elevated Cd Concentrations
The combined effect of salinity and heavy metal stress on genes involved in heavy metal trafficking and the importance of salt stress in the irt2 expression regulation mechanism is proposed. Expand
The effect of endophytic fungi on growth and nickel accumulation in Noccaea hyperaccumulators.
It is shown that enhanced uptake and accumulation of Ni in the plants is accompanied by an upregulation of several genes mainly involved in plant stress protection and metal uptake and compartmentation. Expand
Entrance effects on forced convective heat transfer in laminar flow through short hexagonal channels: Experimental and CFD study
Abstract Hexagonal channels display promising flow and transfer characteristics, thus they are considered as prospective structured catalyst carriers. While transfer intensity in long channels isExpand
The Role of Strigolactone in the Cross-Talk Between Arabidopsis thaliana and the Endophytic Fungus Mucor sp.
Evidence is provided for a role of SL in the plant–endophyte cross-talk during the mutualistic interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and Mucor sp. Expand
Does co-inoculation of Lactuca serriola with endophytic and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve plant growth in a polluted environment?
Phytoremediation of polluted sites can be improved by co-inoculation with mycorrhizal and endophytic fungi. In this study, the effects of single- and co-inoculation of Lactuca serriola with anExpand
The acclimatization strategies of kidney vetch (Anthyllis vulneraria L.) to Pb toxicity
To determine the survival strategy of kidney vetch exposed to high lead concentrations, an acclimatization mechanism based on maintaining the high efficiency of photosynthetic apparatus resulting from increasing of electron transport rate was described. Expand
How does the endophytic fungus Mucor sp. improve Arabidopsis arenosa vegetation in the degraded environment of a mine dump
The results of this study clearly show that the endophytic fungus plays an important role in the adaptation of the non-mycorrhizal A. arenosa to metal toxicity. Expand
Acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus and alterations in sugar metabolism in response to inoculation with endophytic fungi.
It is hypothesized that the accelerated growth of the symbiotic plants resulted from an increase in their demand for carbohydrates and carbohydrate turnover (sink strength) that triggered a simultaneous upregulation of carbon assimilation. Expand
Can Ceylon Leadwort (Plumbago zeylanica L.) Acclimate to Lead Toxicity?—Studies of Photosynthetic Apparatus Efficiency
Results indicate that P. zeylanica plants acclimate to lead toxicity by Pb accumulation in roots and, depending on Pb concentration, by adjusting their photosynthetic apparatus via the activation of alternative (cyclic and pseudocyclic) electron transport pathways. Expand
Preparation of silver nanoparticles using different fractions of TEMPO-oxidized nanocellulose
Abstract The aim of this study was to examine efficacy of different fractions of TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanocrystals (TOCNs) as a reducing and capping agent of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). SilverExpand