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Spore-forming Serratia marcescens subsp. sakuensis subsp. nov., isolated from a domestic wastewater treatment tank.
It is shown that strain KREDT (JCM 11315T = CIP 107489T) represents a novel subspecies of S. marcescens, for which the name Serratia marces cens subsp.
Isolation and synthesis of a new bio-antimutagen, petasiphenol, from scapes of Petasites japonicum.
A new bio-antimutagen, petasiphenol (1) and its isomer (2) were synthesized and the activity of 1 was observed in the presence of soybean oil (glyceride), although the isomer did not show any activity in doses up to 300 micrograms/ml.
Bacillus funiculus sp. nov., novel filamentous isolates from activated sludge.
This communication describes the DNA-DNA relatedness of strain NAF001T to various members of the genus Bacillus and its whole-cell fatty acid and quinone profiles, in order to authenticate the creation of a novel species, for which the name Bacillus funiculus sp.
Racemization in the Coupling Reaction with the Several Methods beside the Activated Ester Methods
The degree of racemization in the coupling reaction, Pro-Val + Pro, with the several other methods than the activated ester methods was measured and the results were compared with that in the
Synthesis of Aliphatic Dienedials, ω-Hydroxydienals, ωHydroxy-2-alkenals, Vinylketones, an Enon-enal and Aliphatic Dienediones
Aliphatic bisenals (1a~n), ω-hydroxydienals (2a~n), ω-hydroxy-2-alkenals (3a~d), vinylketones (4a, b), an enon-enal (4c) and three geometric isomers of aliphatic bisenones (5a~g) were synthesized in
3-Geranyl-4-hydroxy-5-(3'-methyl-2'-butenyl)benzoic acid as an anti-inflammatory compound from Myrsine seguinii.
Results indicate that the carboxylic acid and lipophilic terpene moieties of 1 were significant structural features for anti-inflammatory activity.
Stereochemistry of grayanotoxin-II.
A novel filamentous Bacillus sp., strain NAF001, forming endospores and budding cells.
A novel filamentous bacterium was isolated from suspended water of a domestic wastewater treatment tank and formed an extremely long filamentous trichome and produced endospores which were heat-resistant and probably belongs to a new and novel species of Bacillus.