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Stars Behaving Badly
Two observations described here cast light on the unstable phases that massive stars go through before giving rise to supernovas--and the dramatic effects they can have on nearby stars.
The Search for Pale Blue Dots
PLANET HUNTINGPASADENA, CALIFORNIA-- As European and U.S. astronomers prepare for their most ambitious mission, can they overcome steep technological and political challenges to study other Earths?
National Meat Case Study 2004: Product labeling information, branding, and packaging trends.
Fresh meat retail cases in 104 supermarkets across 5 regions of the United States were audited for the use of packaging types and materials, branding, and cooking/nutritional information, and chicken was most likely to carry a natural brand label.
AAS HIGH-ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS DIVISION: X-rays Hit the Spot for Astrophysicists.
Speakers told tales of intense radiation from deep space, including x-rays from baby stars and from quasars, which could help refine estimates of how quickly the universe is expanding.
Sensing the Sea Without Breaking the Bank
OCEANOGRAPHYOcean scientists faced with budget cuts for new instrumentation ([see main text][1]) have adopted NASA's mantra of "faster, cheaper, better." Innovative tools at relatively low cost are
Panel Says NASA Should Consider Extending Hubble's Life
ASTRONOMYA panel of influential scientists last week urged NASA to prolong the 13-year-old Hubble Space Telescope's life with two upgrades during the next 7 years--provided that the second upgrade
Gamma Ray Bursts: New Cosmic Rulers?
  • R. Irion
  • Physics, Education
  • 8 October 2004
ASTRONOMYPeak frequencies of energy and total energy are tightly correlated for gamma ray bursts, which some astronomers say could make them "new rulers to measure the universe."
Are Most Life-Friendly Stars Older Than the Sun?
ASTROPHYSICSOur solar system has lived in a hospitable part of the Milky Way for nearly 5 billion years. But most of the galaxy's other inhabited systems--if they exist--would have had even longer to
Science communication: a career where PhDs can make a difference
  • R. Irion
  • Education
    Molecular biology of the cell
  • 15 February 2015
A doctoral degree can confer distinct advantages in the eyes of prospective editors and employers, and possible career directions, and steps toward making such a transition are described.
The lopsided universe