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Nonlinear changes of transmembrane potential caused by defibrillation shocks in strands of cultured myocytes.
It is concluded that during application of shocks to cell strands during the AP plateau, passive changes of V(m) were followed by two voltage- and time-dependent shifts ofV(m), possibly reflecting changes of ionic currents or membrane electroporation.
Stimulus-induced critical point. Mechanism for electrical initiation of reentry in normal canine myocardium.
The hypothesis was tested that the field of a premature (S2) stimulus, interacting with relatively refractory tissue, can create unidirectional block and reentry in the absence of nonuniform dispersion of recovery when S2 field strengths and tissue refractoriness are uniformally dispersed at an angle to each other.
Pathological effects of extensive radiofrequency energy applications in the pulmonary veins in dogs.
Applications of RF current within the pulmonary veins may result in pulmonary vein narrowing or complete occlusion, and these observations should be considered in treatment of arrhythmias originating within themonary veins.
Transmural activations and stimulus potentials in three-dimensional anisotropic canine myocardium.
In six open-chest dogs, simultaneous recordings were made from 120 transmural electrodes in 40 plunge electrodes within a 35 X 20 X 5-mm portion of the right ventricular outflow tract during epicardial and endocardial pacing, and it is concluded that the initial spread of activation is helicoid and determined by transmural fiber direction.
Simultaneous Optical Mapping of Transmembrane Potential and Intracellular Calcium in Myocyte Cultures
The goals of this work were to develop an optical technique for simultaneous multisite optical recordings of Vm and Cai2+, and to determine the relationship between Vm-Cai2+ during normal impulse propagation in myocyte cultures.
A QRS scoring system for assessing left ventricular function after myocardial infarction.
A QRS scoring system for estimating the size of a myocardial infarct was evaluated in 55 patients who did not have left ventricular hypertrophy or conduction abnormalities, finding that an electrocardiogram can provide important indirect quantitative information aboutleft ventricular function.
Eccentric dipole in a spherical medium: generalized expression for surface potentials.
A new formulation is presented for surface potentials produced on a homogeneous spherical volume conductor by an eccentric current dipole contained therein. The formulation is free of interminancies
Internal Cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation in Sheep
Cardioversion of atrial fibrillation in sheep is possible with very low energy requirements using transvenous electrode systems and waveform/lead configurations that probably generated high potential gradients near the sinoatrial node and near the atrioventricular node resulted in more postshock conduction disturbances.