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Distances and metallicities for 17 Local Group galaxies
We have obtained Johnson V and Gunn i photometry for a large number of Local Group galaxies using the Isaac Newton Telescope Wide Field Camera (INT WFC). The majority of these galaxies are members ofExpand
Great Circle Tidal Streams: Evidence for a Nearly Spherical Massive Dark Halo around the Milky Way
An all-high-latitude sky survey for cool carbon giant stars in the Galactic halo has revealed 75 such stars, of which the majority are new detections. Of these, more than half are clustered on aExpand
A vast, thin plane of corotating dwarf galaxies orbiting the Andromeda galaxy
Radial velocity measurements reveal that the satellites in this structure have the same sense of rotation about their host, and shows conclusively that substantial numbers of dwarf satellite galaxies share the same dynamical orbital properties and direction of angular momentum. Expand
The Ghost of Sagittarius and Lumps in the Halo of the Milky Way
We identify new structures in the halo of the Milky Way from positions, colors, and magnitudes of five million stars detected in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Most of these stars are within 126 ofExpand
A dwarf satellite galaxy in Sagittarius
WE have detected a large, extended group of comoving stars in the direction of the Galactic Centre, which we interpret as belonging to a dwarf galaxy that is closer to our own Galaxy than any otherExpand
The Haunted Halos of Andromeda and Triangulum: A Panorama of Galaxy Formation in Action*
We present a deep photometric survey of the Andromeda galaxy, conducted with the wide-field cameras of the CFHT and INT telescopes. The surveyed area covers the inner 50kpc of the galaxy and theExpand
The Kinematics, Orbit, and Survival of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
The Sagittarius galaxy (Sgr), the closest satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, has survived for many orbits about the Galaxy. Extant numerical calculations modeled this galaxy as a system with aExpand
A Keck/DEIMOS spectroscopic survey of faint Galactic satellites: searching for the least massive dwarf galaxies
We present the results of a spectroscopic survey of the recently discovered faint Milky Way satellites Bootes, Ursa Major I, Ursa Major II and Willman 1 (Will). Using the DEep Imaging Multi-ObjectExpand
ARGOS – IV. The kinematics of the Milky Way bulge
We present the kinematic results from our ARGOS spectroscopic survey of the Galactic bulge of the Milky Way. Our aim is to understand the formation of the Galactic bulge. We examine the kinematics ofExpand
APM 08279+5255: An Ultraluminous Broad Absorption Line Quasar at a Redshift z = 3.87
We report on the discovery of a highly luminous, broad absorption line quasar at a redshift of z = 3.87, which is positionally coincident, within 1'', with the IRAS Faint Source Catalog sourceExpand