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Cucumber mosaic virus.
Publisher Summary Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), the type member of the cucumovirus group, was first reported in 1916 as the causal agent of a disease of cucumber and muskmelon in Michigan and cucumberExpand
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Plant virus satellites.
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Taxonomy of cucurbit-infecting tobamoviruses as determined by serological and molecular hybridization analyses.
A number of cucurbit-infecting tobamoviruses have been reported in the past but there is confusion about their identity and relationships. Cucumber viruses 3 (CV3) and 4 (CV4) were originallyExpand
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Comparative studies on tomato aspermy and cucumber mosaic viruses. VI. Partial compatibility of genome segments from the two viruses.
Isolated RNA genomic segments (RNAs 1, 2, and 3) of tomato aspermy virus and of three strains of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) were inoculated to leaves of Chenopodium amaranticolor Costs and Reyn inExpand
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Studies on encapsidated viroid-like RNA I. Characterization of velvet tobacco mottle virus.
Velvet tobacco mottle virus (VTMoV) isolated from Nicotiana velutina growing wild in arid Central Australia was transmitted by inoculation to a limited number of plant species of which N. clevelandiiExpand
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Some properties of purified cucumber mosaic virus (Q strain).
Abstract Strain Q of cucumber mosiac virus (QCMV) from Queensland, Australia, contains 18% ribonucleic acid (RNA) which has a base ratio (moles %) of adenine 22.4%, guanine 24.7%, cytosine 22.8%, andExpand
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Comparative studies on tomato aspermy and cucumber mosaic viruses. V. Purification and properties of a cucumber mosaic virus inducing severe chlorosis.
Abstract A cucumber mosaic virus (MCMV) inducing brilliant yellow mosaic symptoms in Nicotiana species could not be purified by methods previously used for other strains of cucumber mosaic virusExpand
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Comparative studies on two satellite RNAs of cucumber mosaic virus.
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) satellite RNA (Sat-RNA, D. W. Mossop and R. I. B. Francki, 1978, Virology86, 562-566) is similar in many of its physical and biological properties to CMV associated RNA 5Expand
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Comparative studies on tomato aspermy and cucumber mosaic viruses. I. Physical and chemical properties.
Abstract Some physical and chemical properties of the V strain of tomato aspermy virus (TAV) and the Q strain of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) have been compared. The size, morphology, sedimentationExpand
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