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Factors determining desert dune type
While most observers recognize four elemental types of desert dunes (longitudinal, transverse, barchan and star1–3) there is little agreement about which factors determine these types. The angularExpand
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Global warming and ice ages: I. prospects for physics based modulation of global change
It has been suggested that large-scale climate changes, mostly due to atmospheric injection of greenhouse gases connected with fossil-fired energy production, should be forestalled byExpand
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Twenty-meter space telescope based on diffractive Fresnel lens
Diffractive lenses offer two potential advantages for very large aperture space telescopes; very loose surface-figure tolerances and physical implementation as thin, flat optical elements. In orderExpand
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Cosmic bombardment V: Threat object-dispersing approaches to active planetary defense
Earth-impacting comets and asteroids with diameters {approx}0.03 - 10 km pose the greatest threats to the terrestrial biosphere in terms of impact frequency-weighted impact consequences, and thus areExpand
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Eyeglass: a very large aperture diffractive space telescope
Eyeglass is a very large aperture (25 - 100 meter) space telescope consisting of two distinct spacecraft, separated in space by several kilometers. A diffractive lens provides the telescope's largeExpand
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Intra‐Hospital Transfer: Effects on Chronically Ill Psychogeriatric Patients
Since the Vermont State Hospital was approaching a major transition period, it was decided to study systematically the effects of intra‐unit and inter‐unit transfer on its psychogeriatric patients.Expand
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Very Large Aperture Diffractive Space Telescope
A very large (10's of meters) aperture space telescope including two separate spacecraft--an optical primary functioning as a magnifying glass and an optical secondary functioning as an eyepiece. TheExpand
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Laser-fusion rocket for interplanetary propulsion
A rocket powered by fusion microexplosions is well suited for quick interplanetary travel. Fusion pellets are sequentially injected into a magnetic thrust chamber. There, focused energy from a fusionExpand
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Wafer-Scale Laser Pantography: IV. Physics of Direct Laser-Writing Micron-Dimension Transistors
The processes involved in the fabrication of micron-dimension transistors and small-scale integrated circuits using only the technique of direct laser-writing by localized pyrolytic surface reactionsExpand
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Wafer-Scale Laser Pantography: VI. Direct-Write Interconnection Of VLSI Gate Arrays
General principles of laser direct-write deposition processes are reviewed. Device interconnection of CMOS gate arrays by means of computer-controlled, laser-induced thermochemical surface reactionsExpand
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