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A second list of parasites from marine and coastal animals of Florida.
Two very dissimilar specimens were collected from this host; the pars prostatica in the smaller specimen was proportionately longer than that of the larger specimen; this difference was found also to be true with the testes. Expand
Geographical Variation in Fin Ray Number in Winter Flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus (Walbaum), Off Massachusetts
Abstract Numbers of dorsal and anal fin rays of 1,142 winter flounder in 18 samples from inshore waters off Massachusetts north and south of Cape Cod and from Georges Bank were compared as part of aExpand
A list of parasites from marine and coastal animals of Florida.
A List o f Parasites fr o m M arine and Coastal A nim als o f Florida Author(s): R obert F. H utton and Franklin Sogandares-Bernal Source: T ransactions o f th e A m erican M icroscopical S o c ie tyExpand
Studies on helminth parasites from the coast of Florida. III. Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from Tampa and Boca Ciega Bays.
This publication is a continuation of a series of studies on the diseases and parasites of marine animals which is currently being sponsored by the Florida State Board of Conservation. Expand