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A dedicated spectrometer for dissolution DNP NMR spectroscopy.
Using low temperature dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) in conjunction with dissolution makes it possible to generate highly polarised nuclear spin systems for liquid state applications of nuclearExpand
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New York City's Vulnerability to Coastal Flooding
Abstract New York City, New York (NYC), is extremely vulnerable to coastal flooding; thus, verification and improvements in storm surge models are needed in order to protect both life and property.Expand
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Breaking the habit: a qualitative exploration of barriers and facilitators to smoking cessation in people with enduring mental health problems
BackgroundSmoking in people with mental health problems (MHPs) is an important public health concern as rates are two to three times higher than in the general population. While a strong evidenceExpand
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The assessment of neuromuscular fatigue during 120 min of simulated soccer exercise
PurposeThis investigation examined the development of neuromuscular fatigue during a simulated soccer match incorporating a period of extra time (ET) and the reliability of these responses onExpand
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Test-Retest Reliability of Physiological and Performance Responses to 120 Minutes of Simulated Soccer Match Play
Abstract Harper, LD, Hunter, R, Parker, P, Goodall, S, Thomas, K, Howatson, G, West, DJ, Stevenson, E, and Russell, M. Test-retest reliability of physiological and performance responses to 120Expand
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The Scottish 700 Outcomes Study: A Comparative Evaluation of the Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (HoNOS), the Avon Mental Health Measure (AVON), and an Idiographic Scale (OPUS) in adult mental
Background: Although many outcome measures are available, there is little empirical evidence to help clinicians to decide which to adopt in clinical, as opposed to research settings. Aims: To assessExpand
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Direct reduction's role in the world steel industry
Given the availability of iron ore in the world and the continued production of scrap, both of which are valuable raw materials, there will always be a mixture of primary (iron ore-based) v.Expand
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The Direct Reduction of Iron
For the past 100 years, the dominant technology to produce iron from iron ores has been the blast furnace, which utilizes carbothermic reduction at elevated temperatures to make a molten iron productExpand
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Model for end‐stage liver disease (MELD) exception guidelines: Results and recommendations from the MELD exception study group and conference (MESSAGE) for the approval of patients who need liver
Richard B. Freeman Jr., Robert G. Gish, Ann Harper, Gary L. Davis, John Vierling, Leslie Lieblein, Goran Klintmalm, Jamie Blazek, Robert Hunter, and Jeffrey Punch Division of Transplantation,Expand
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Preparation of shell cross-linked micelles by polyelectrolyte complexation.
Shell shock: Shell cross-linked (SCL) micelles (3) are prepared by polyelectrolyte complexation by using a micelle-forming cationic ABC triblock copolymer (1) in conjunction with an anionic diblockExpand
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