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Subcarrier multiplexing for high-speed optical transmission
The performance of high-speed digital fiber-optic transmission using subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) is investigated both analytically and numerically. In order to reduce the impact of fiber chromaticExpand
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Fiber Optic Measurement Techniques
"Fiber Optic Measurement Techniques" is an indispensable collection of key optical measurement techniques essential for developing and characterizing today's photonic devices and fiber optic systems.Expand
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Cross-phase modulation in multispan WDM optical fiber systems
The spectral characteristics of cross-phase modulation (XPM) in multispan intensity-modulation direct-detection (IM-DD) optical systems are investigated, both experimentally and theoretically. XPMExpand
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Intensity-dependent phase-matching effects on four-wave mixing in optical fibers
A new phase-matching factor is derived for four-wave mixing (FWM) that includes the effects of self-phase and cross-phase modulation in optical fibers. Theoretical results predict that the wavelengthExpand
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Suspension HVOF Spraying of Reduced Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolytes
Metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) composed of a Ce0.8Sm0.2O2−δ (SDC) electrolyte layer and Ni-Ce0.8Sm0.2O2−δ (Ni-SDC) cermet anode were fabricated by suspension thermal spraying onExpand
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Modulation instability and its impact in multispan optical amplified IMDD systems: theory and experiments
The nonlinear interaction between amplified spontaneous emission noise and copropagating signal in a dispersive optical fiber is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. A transfer matrixExpand
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Advanced Optical Modulation Formats and Their Comparison in Fiber-Optic Systems
This project started a few years ago and the initial scope of the research was mainly focused on the investigation of sub-carrier multiplexed (SCM) WDM optical systems. As directed by Sprint, duringExpand
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Chirped Lidar Using Simplified Homodyne Detection
A simplified homodyne detection scheme for linear FM modulated lidar is presented in which pulse dechirping is performed in the optical domain. This method provides quantum limited detectionExpand
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Two-photon microscopy with wavelength switchable fiber laser excitation.
Two-photon scanning fluorescence microscopy has become a powerful tool for imaging living cells and tissues. Most applications of two-photon microscopy employ a Ti:sapphire laser excitation source,Expand
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An adaptive first-order polarization-mode dispersion compensation system aided by polarization scrambling: theory and demonstration
An adaptive polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) compensation system has been developed to cancel the effects of first-order PMD by producing a complementary PMD vector in the receiver. ControlExpand
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