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Evolution of protoplanetary disks: Constraints from DM Tauri and GM Aurigae
We present a one-dimensional model of the formation and viscous evolution of protoplanetary disks. The formation of the early disk is modeled as the result of the gravitational collapse of an
Variable winds on Venus mapped in three dimensions
We present zonal and meridional wind measurements at three altitude levels within the cloud layers of Venus from cloud tracking using images taken with the VIRTIS instrument on board Venus Express.
The composition of Jupiter: sign of a (relatively) late formation in a chemically evolved protosolar disc
It has been proposed that the enrichment in noble gases found by Galileo in the atmosphere of Jupiter can be explained by their delivery inside cold planetesimals. We propose instead that this is a
Dynamics of Saturn's polar regions
We analyze data retrieved by the imaging science system onboard the Cassini spacecraft to study the horizontal velocity and vorticity fields of Saturn's polar regions (latitudes 60–90°N in
The size, shape, density and ring of the dwarf planet Haumea from a stellar occultation
Observations from multiple Earth-based observatories of Haumea passing in front of a distant star (a multi-chord stellar occultation) report the presence of a ring with an opacity of 0.5, which constrains the three-dimensional orientation of Haumesa and its triaxial shape, which is inconsistent with a homogeneous body in hydrostatic equilibrium.
Methane storms on Saturn's moon Titan
Three-dimensional dynamical calculations are reported showing that severe methane convective storms accompanied by intense precipitation may occur in Titan under the right environmental conditions.
Characterization of mesoscale gravity waves in the upper and lower clouds of Venus from VEX‐VIRTIS images
[1] Images obtained from the Visible and InfraRed Thermal Imaging Spectrometer (VIRTIS)-M instrument onboard Venus Express present visible trains of alternating bands of cloud brightness in two