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Placing the Social Economy
In recent years there has been a great deal of discussion about the social economy and the term 'the third way' has attained a level of household recognition, especially in America and Britain.Expand
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‘The Learning Economy, the Learning Firm and the Learning Region’
The recent growing interest in ‘learning’ and ‘knowledge’ as a - maybe the (only) - route to corporate and regional economic success is one facet of the engagement between economic geographers andExpand
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Networks of value, commodities and regions: Reworking divisions of labour in macro-regional economies
The aim of this paper is to explore a theoretical framework that can assist in under-standing the extent to which the increased integration of macro-regional economies (such as the European and NorthExpand
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Resilient Regions in an Uncertain World: Wishful Thinking or a Practical Reality?
What might a resilient region look like in the face of an uncertainty about the global economy and environment? To begin to answer this question, the article first reviews existing concepts ofExpand
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Rethinking Change in Old Industrial Regions: Reflecting on the Experiences of North East England
The author reflects upon regional economic change and the ways in which this is conceptualised and understood, drawing heavily but not exclusively on some thirty years of research on economy,Expand
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Modes of Governing Municipal Waste
From recent debates on governance and governmentality, two key analytical imperatives arise: the need to engage simultaneously with the structures and processes of governing, and the need toExpand
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The Globalization of Business
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Life on the edge: navigating the competitive tensions between the 'social' and the 'economic' in the social economy and in its relations to the mainstream
Drawing on detailed empirical research in the UK, in this article I explore the motivations that lie behind the formation of social economy organisations (SEOs) and the multiple trajectories thatExpand
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Economic Geographies: Circuits, Flows and Spaces
Conceptualising Economies and Their Geographies Flows of Value, Circuits of Capital and Social Reproduction Flows of Materials, Transformations of Nature Flows of Knowledge, Circuits of Meaning FlowsExpand
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Governing municipal waste: Towards a new analytical framework
Abstract Recent years have seen a rapid rise in the political saliency of the ever growing volumes of municipal waste produced in the UK. In this paper, we outline the preliminary findings of aExpand
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