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Putting AI in Entertainment: An AI Authoring Tool for Simulation and Games
A visual authoring tool that provides a way to quickly synthesize complex behavior for simulations and games, and is building a corresponding AI engine to run with a simulation or game. Expand
Distributed Satellite Constellation Planning and Scheduling
SHAI is developing a software architecture for automated, distributed planning and coordination of constellations of satellites. This architecture allows large satellite constellations to manageExpand
An AI Modeling Tool for Designers and Developers
An AI modeling tool meant to be used by both designers and developers which features an AI runtime engine which incorporates several augmentations which make it suitable for use across a wide array of deployed systems. Expand
A Visual Environment for Rapid Behavior Definition
A visual framework that simplifies authoring of simulated behavior that consists of a canvas depicting behavior as a finite state machine (FSM) graph, a palette of geometric objects and glyphs, and a dictionary of actions and predicates. Expand
Towards an AI Behavior Toolkit for Games
The run-time engine and its interface is described, as well as a simple behavior editor that allows nonprogrammers to author behaviors, suitable for both AI researchers and game developers. Expand
A Visual, Object-Oriented Approach to Simulation Behavior Authoring
A behavior authoring methodology that is founded on a lightweight, visual, procedural approach to modeling CGF behaviors, which is embodied in a graphical editor and runtime engine and designed to encourage good development practices such as reuse and top-down design. Expand
Making Behavior Modeling Accessible to Non-Programmers: Challenges and Solutions
This paper argues that to enable domain experts without programming expertise to author sophisticated agent behaviors, there are two main challenges that must be addressed: condition authoring and behavior analysis. Expand
Instructors and analysts within the military community have noted the possibility of using video games for training or analysis purposes. Game developers, however, often deviate from actual doctrine.Expand
Intelligent Behaviors for Simulated Entities
Crafting realistic, intelligent-seeming behaviors for simulated entities is a non-trivial task, however, and there are a variety of techniques that can be employed. Expand
Specifying the behavior of computer-generated forces without programming
A visual behavior representation and accompanying authoring tool that is meant to accelerate the development process by enabling experts to participate in development, while not hindering software developer productivity is presented. Expand