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has been measured between 4.2 K and 0.3 K in fields up to 3.4 Tesla. The data can be described by variable-range hopping (VRH) in a magnetic field and by postulating a second transport mechanismExpand
Evaluation of paracrystalline distortions from line broadening
If the units building up a three-dimensional lattice have different sizes and/or shapes and are randomly distributed the long-range order of the point lattice is destroyed. The integral widths δb ofExpand
Structure of crystalline and paracrystalline condensed matter
Abstract The experience of microparacrystals, in intermediate stages between “perfect crystalline” and “amorphous structures,” and as “building bricks” in condensed matter, has become accepted as aExpand
Collagen mineralization.
There is evidence that collagen acts as a matrix during the formation of hard tissues, providing specific nucleation sites for apatite crystal growth. Expand
Generalisation of P.P. Ewald's intensity function for microparacrystals in colloids and their superstructures
The expectation value of the diffraction of an ensemble of paracrystals defined by statistically distributed point defects within their lattices can be calculated by means of the correlation functionExpand
The origin in thermodynamic stability of paracrystals
Statistical mechanical methods have been used to explore the fluctuations in the lattice spacing which can be measured by X-ray diffraction. The total variance can be divided into three parts. OnlyExpand
Paracrystals representing the physical state of matter
It has now been established that paracrystals are the 'building blocks' of many materials including polymers, biological materials, colloids, molten metals and alloys, and catalysts. The concept ofExpand