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Physiological changes at parturition and their relationship to metabolic disorders.
Most of the metabolic diseases of dairy cows-milk fever, ketosis, retained placenta, and displacement of the abomasum-occur within the first 2 wk of lactation. The etiology of many of those metabolicExpand
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Genome-wide association study of circulating vitamin D levels
The primary circulating form of vitamin D, 25-hydroxy-vitamin D [25(OH)D], is associated with multiple medical outcomes, including rickets, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer. In aExpand
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Prevalence of subclinical hypocalcemia in dairy herds.
The prevalence of subclinical hypocalcemia in the transition cow is unknown. Cows with subclinical hypocalcemia have no clinical signs of hypocalcemia but may be more susceptible to other diseases.Expand
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Strategies for preventing milk fever in dairy cattle.
Milk fever is a complex metabolic disorder that occurs at the onset of lactation. Clinical symptoms of this disease include inappetence, tetany, inhibition of urination and defecation, lateralExpand
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Biochemical evaluation of patients with cancer-associated hypercalcemia: evidence for humoral and nonhumoral groups.
In 50 consecutive patients with cancer-associated hypercalcemia, we measured nephrogenous cyclic AMP, tubular phosphorus threshold, fasting calcium excretion, plasma 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, andExpand
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Effects of the addition of potassium or sodium, but not calcium, to prepartum ratios on milk fever in dairy cows.
The effects of prepartum dietary concentrations of K, Na, and Ca on the incidence of periparturient hypocalcemia or milk fever was determined for older (> or = 4th lactation) Jersey cows. Cows wereExpand
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Effects of altering dietary cation-anion difference on calcium and energy metabolism in peripartum cows.
Our objective was to determine the effects of varying dietary cation-anion differences (DCAD: meq[(Na + K) - (Cl + S)]/100 g of dry matter) in prepartum diets on Ca, energy, and endocrine statusExpand
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Regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis in the dairy cow.
  • R. Horst
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of dairy science
  • 1 February 1986
This paper describes the mechanism of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis in dairy cows in an effort to provide a clearer understanding of the rationale behind current management and supplementationExpand
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Calcium and vitamin D metabolism in the dairy cow.
Most dairy cows experience some degree of hypocalcemia during the periparturient period. There is, however, a sub-group of dairy cows that experience a breakdown in their ability to maintain plasmaExpand
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Regulation of L‐selectin and CD18 on bovine neutrophils by glucocorticoids: effects of cortisol and dexamethasone
The responsiveness of bovine neutrophil L‐selectin and CD18 to in vivo glucocorticoid administration was characterized by flow cytometric analysis. Blood was sampled intensively from dairy cowsExpand
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