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Knowledge-Based Weak Supervision for Information Extraction of Overlapping Relations
Information extraction (IE) holds the promise of generating a large-scale knowledge base from the Web's natural language text. Knowledge-based weak supervision, using structured data to heuristicallyExpand
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Learning 5000 Relational Extractors
Many researchers are trying to use information extraction (IE) to create large-scale knowledge bases from natural language text on the Web. However, the primary approach (supervised learning ofExpand
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Assieme: finding and leveraging implicit references in a web search interface for programmers
Programmers regularly use search as part of the development process, attempting to identify an appropriate API for a problem, seeking more information about an API, and seeking samples that show howExpand
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Filling Knowledge Base Gaps for Distant Supervision of Relation Extraction
Distant supervision has attracted recent interest for training information extraction systems because it does not require any human annotation but rather employs existing knowledge bases toExpand
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Using Wikipedia to bootstrap open information extraction
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Fast and Robust Interface Generation for Ubiquitous Applications
We present Supple, a novel toolkit which automatically generates interfaces for ubiquitous applications. Designers need only specify declarative models of the interface and desired hardware deviceExpand
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Amplifying community content creation with mixed initiative information extraction
Although existing work has explored both information extraction and community content creation, most research has focused on them in isolation. In contrast, we see the greatest leverage in theExpand
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Evaluating visual cues for window switching on large screens
An increasing number of users are adopting large, multi-monitor displays. The resulting setups cover such a broad viewing angle that users can no longer simultaneously perceive all parts of theExpand
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Information extraction from Wikipedia: moving down the long tail
Not only is Wikipedia a comprehensive source of quality information, it has several kinds of internal structure (e.g., relational summaries known as infoboxes), which enable self-supervisedExpand
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Personalized Online Education - A Crowdsourcing Challenge
Interest in online education is surging, as dramatized bythe success of Khan Academy and recent Stanford online courses, but the technology for online education isin its infancy. CrowdsourcingExpand
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