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Episodic ejection of relativistic jets by the X-ray transient GRO J1655 - 40
GRO J1655-40, a recently discovered black-hole candidate, is an ideal system for studying jets of material from the accretion disk around a black hole. Observations of the radio emission show twoExpand
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Distance and total column density to the periodic radio star LSI + 61 deg 303
New observations toward the periodic radio star LSI + 61 deg 303 in the lines of H I at 21 cm and CO-18 at 2.7 mm are reported. Using the kinematic method, H I observations are interpreted in termsExpand
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A One-sided Highly Relativistic Jet from Cygnus X-3
Very Long Baseline Array images of the X-ray binary Cygnus X-3 were obtained 2, 4, and 7 days after the peak of a 10 Jy flare on 1997 February 4. The first two images show a curved one-sided jet, andExpand
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Initial low/hard state, multiple jet ejections and X-ray/radio correlations during the outburst of XTE J1859+226
We have studied the 1999 soft X-ray transient outburst of XTE J1859+226 at radio and X-ray wavelengths. The event was characterized by strong variability in the disc, corona and jet - in particular,Expand
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Spectral evidence for a powerful compact jet from XTE J1118+480
ABSTRA C T We present observations of the X-ray transient XTE J11181480 during its low/hard X-ray state outburst in 2000, at radio and submillimetre wavelengths with the VLA, Ryle Telescope, MERLINExpand
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Radio emission from conical jets associated with X-ray binaries
Kinematic and physical models for the evolution of synchrotron radio emission in conical twin jets are derived and are shown to have most of the characteristics needed to explain the wide variety ofExpand
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Correlations between X-ray outbursts and relativistic ejections in the X-ray transient GRO J1655 – 40
ALTHOUGH objects that emit radio jets have been known for many years, the physical mechanism responsible for the jets has been unclear. Accretion of mass onto a compact object (such as a black hole)Expand
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Light Curves and Radio Structure of the 1999 September Transient Event in V4641 Sagittarii (=XTE J1819-254=SAX J1819.3-2525)
We report on radio observations of the 1999 September event of the X-ray transient V4641 Sgr (=XTE J1819-254=SAX J1819.3-2525). This event was extremely rapid in its rise and decay across radio,Expand
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Radio Emission and the Timing Properties of the Hard X-Ray State of GRS 1915+105
We combine a complete sample of 113 pointed observations taken with the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer between 1996 and 1999, monitoring observations taken with the Ryle Telescope and the Green BankExpand
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