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Vital apicoectomy of the teeth: a 1-4 week histopathological study in Macaca mulatta.
The purpose of this investigation was to observe the 1-4-week wound healing pattern in monkey dental tissues following intentional vital apicoectomy (IVA), which showed an initial disruption of the pulpal neurovascular supply resulting in pulpal necrosis. Expand
Intentional vital root transection: a 52-week histopathologic study in Macaca mulatta.
A disruption of the normal pulpal architecture was demonstrated, with initial pulpal degeneration and subsequent early replacement by the periodontal ligament tissue. Expand
CHAPTER 100 Bladder Outlet Obstruction
Introduction Bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) is the impedance or blockage of urine outflow from the bladder into the urethra. This may be due to anatomical or functional causes. The anatomicalExpand