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The regional tectonics of the Tasman orogenic system, eastern Australia
Abstract From the perspective of Phanerozoic mountain belts the mostly Paleozoic Tasman orogenic system of eastern Australia is unique. For example, it has no through-going miogeocline or forelandExpand
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Granite provinces and basement terranes in the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia
Many granites have compositional features that directly reflect the composition of their source rocks. Since most granites come from the deeper parts of the Earth's crust, their study providesExpand
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Geology of the zoned gold skarn system at Junction Reefs, New South Wales
The Sheahan-Grants, Frenchmans, and Cornishmens orebodies at Junction Reefs are typical gold skarns. Gold ore is restricted to a pyrrhotite-pyrite-arsenopyrite-bearing distal skarn zone in whichExpand
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Infection, colonization of Gossypium hirsutum and G. barbadense, and development of black root rot caused by Thielaviopsis basicola.
On etudie la germination, la penetration et le developpement de T. basicola sur G. barbadense et G. hirsutum, et l'influence de la temperature du sol et de la densite d'inoculum sur le developpementExpand
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