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The Cornubian Batholith: an Example of Magmatic Fractionation on a Crustal Scale
Abstract. The Cornubian Batholith comprises six major and several smaller bodies of S‐type granite in southwestern England. These late‐Variscan granites comprise two‐mica granites, and much less
Granite provinces and basement terranes in the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia
Many granites have compositional features that directly reflect the composition of their source rocks. Since most granites come from the deeper parts of the Earth's crust, their study provides
Contrasts between I‐ and S‐type granitoids of the Kosciusko Batholith
Abstract Two distinct groups of granitoids occur on the eastern side of the Kosciusko Batholith. Those considered to be derivatives of sedimentary source rocks (S‐types) are usually foliated and
Geology of the zoned gold skarn system at Junction Reefs, New South Wales
The Sheahan-Grants, Frenchmans, and Cornishmens orebodies at Junction Reefs are typical gold skarns. Gold ore is restricted to a pyrrhotite-pyrite-arsenopyrite-bearing distal skarn zone in which
Intrusive rocks associated with porphyry copper mineralization, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
The upper Oligocene to mid-Miocene granitic intrusive complexes of New Britain intrude basic Eocene volcanics that form part of the basement of the New Britain island arc. These complexes consist of