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Islamic Architecture: Form, Function, and Meaning
Scope of the enquiry religious architecture 1 - the mosque religious architecture 2 - the minaret religious architecture 3 - the madrasa the mausoleum secular architecture 1 - the caravanseraiExpand
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Islamic art and architecture
The birth of Islamic art - the Umayyads the 'Abbasids the Fatimids the Saljuqs the age of the Atebegs - Syria, Iraq and Anatolia, 1100-1300 the Mamluks the Muslim West the Ilkhanids and Timurids theExpand
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Studying Islamic Architecture: Challenges and Perspectives
AbstractThis article examines how the study of medieval Islamic architecture is currently being practiced. It explores the multiple implications of the much greater volume of scholarship devoted toExpand
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The art and archaeology of ancient Persia : new light on the Parthian and Sasanian empires
Persepolitan echoes in Sasanian architecture - did the Sasanians attempt to re-create the Achaemenid empire? Michael Roaf new archaeological research in Old Nisa, 1990-1991, A. Invernizzi earlyExpand
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Regional localization of rat myelin protein zero Mpz gene to Chromosome 13q24-25 by means of FISH
11. Taniguchi, T., Minami Y. (1993). Cell 73, 5-8. 12. Bazan, J.F. (1990). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87, 6934. 13. Nakamura, Y., Russell, S.M., Mess, S.A., Friedman, M., Erdos, M, Francois, C.,Expand
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Shahnama : the visual language of the Persian book of kings
Contents: Preface Foreword, Richard Thomson New perspectives in Shahnama iconography, Robert Hillenbrand Shahnama as text and Shahnama as image: a brief overview of recent sudies, 1975a "2000,Expand
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Abdullah Ghouchani (b. Baghdad, 11 August 1948, d. Tehran, 7 August 2020): Epigrapher, Expert in Medieval Arabic and Persian Inscriptions
The world of Islamic art has suffered a calamitous loss with the sudden death in Tehran, from Covid-19, of Abdullah Ghouchani on 7 August 2020. He was a truly towering figure, the greatest epigraph...