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The theory of indentation and hardness tests
A discussion is given of the indentation of ductile materials by cylindrical punches with conical heads. On the experimental side, experiments have been made with work-hardened and with annealedExpand
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The ergodic theory of shrinking targets
SummaryTo any dynamical system equipped with a metric, we associate a class of “well approximable” sets. In the case of an expanding rational map of the Riemann sphere acting on its Julia set, weExpand
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UKESM1: Description and Evaluation of the U.K. Earth System Model
We document the development of the first version of the United Kingdom Earth System Model UKESM1. The model represents a major advance on its predecessor HadGEM2‐ES, with enhancements to allExpand
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The Low‐Resolution Version of HadGEM3 GC3.1: Development and Evaluation for Global Climate
Abstract A new climate model, HadGEM3 N96ORCA1, is presented that is part of the GC3.1 configuration of HadGEM3. N96ORCA1 has a horizontal resolution of ~135 km in the atmosphere and 1° in the oceanExpand
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Blood wastage reduction using Lean Sigma methodology
BACKGROUND: Red blood cell (RBC) product wastage in hospitals is reported to range from 0.1% to 6.7%. Wastage at our institution averaged 4.4% of 63,000 issued RBC products. Data indicated thatExpand
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Metric diophantine approximation in Julia sets of expanding rational maps
AbstractLet T : J → J be an expanding rational map of the Riemann sphere acting on its Julia set J andf : J →R denote a Hölder continuous function satisfyingf(x)⩾log | T′(x vb for allx in J. Then forExpand
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Famine, Conflict and Response: A Basic Guide
* A practical guide to underlying causes and immediate, lasting solutions for famine* Explains efficient use of resources in a crisis* Written by a well-known disaster relief practitioner andExpand
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Unintended Side Effects of the Digital Transition: European Scientists' Messages from a Proposition-Based Expert Round Table
We present the main messages of a European Expert Round Table (ERT) on the unintended side effects ( unseens ) of the digital transition. Seventeen experts provided 42 propositions from ten differentExpand
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