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The distributions of a wide range of taxonomic groups are expanding polewards
Evidence is accumulating of shifts in species' distributions during recent climate warming. However, most of this information comes predominantly from studies of a relatively small selection of taxaExpand
Behavioural syndromes differ predictably between 12 populations of three-spined stickleback.
Animals often differ in suites of correlated behaviours, comparable with how humans differ in personality. Constraints on the architecture of behaviour have been invoked to explain why suchExpand
A northward shift of range margins in British Odonata
Many species are predicted to shift their ranges to higher latitudes and altitudes in response to climate warming. This study presents evidence for 37 species of nonmigratory British dragonflies andExpand
An evaluation of some statistical methods for analysing numbers of abnormalities found amongst litters in teratology studies.
Skeletal abnormalities in rabbit, rat and mouse foetuses are found to follow closely beta-binomial distributions rather than simple binomial distributions, i.e., foetuses from the same litter areExpand
Do competing males cooperate? Familiarity and its effect on cooperation during predator inspection in male three‐spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
We investigated the trade-off between conflict and cooperation, using predator inspection behaviour in sticklebacks as a model system. Male three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus) competeExpand
Summary. Observations were carried out at a Sand Martin colony in a working sand-pit, where fresh burrows have to be dug each year. Sand Martins arrive at the breeding pit from migration unpaired,Expand
The effect of climate change on the distribution, phenology and abundance of British plants and animals
In this thesis the data from several recording schemes are analysed to examine the effects of climate warming (temperature) on distribution, abundance and phenology changes in Britain in a wideExpand