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Irish English: History and Present-Day Forms
1. Introduction 2. History I: the coming of the English 3. History II: the settlement of Ulster 4. The emergence of Irish English 5. Present-day Irish English 6. Transportation overseas 7. Appendixes.
The handbook of language contact
Dublin English: Evolution and change
The present book describes the English language in all its facets as spoken in present-day Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It covers the entire range of its history since the firstExpand
A Sound Atlas Of Irish English
A Sound Atlas of Irish English offers a unique and comprehensive audio overview of the English language as spoken in present-day Ireland. Expand
The Sound Structure of Modern Irish
The Sound Structure of Modern Irish contains essential information about the phonology of modern Irish along with many analyses of general linguistic issues. A major focus of the book is on aExpand
A source book for Irish English
The intention of the current book is to provide a flexible and comprehensive bibliographical tool to those scholars working or interested in Irish English. Expand
The Dialects of Irish: Study of a Changing Landscape
The book offers an easy-to-grasp overview of forms of modern Irish within a general linguistic framework. Based on recordings of more than 200 speakers (accessible as supplementary material on theExpand
Coronal segments in Irish English
One of the most salient differences between Irish English and Standard English (in the sense of Received Pronunciation, Gimson, 1980:89 ff.) lies in the realization of coronal segments. I use thisExpand
Corpus Presenter: Software for language analysis. With a manual and A Corpus of Irish English as sample data
1. Preface 2. I. Corpus Linguistics 3. II. The Corpus Presenter Suite 4. III. Appendixes 5. Glossary for manual 6. IV. A Corpus of Irish English 7. References 8. Glossary for corpus 9. Index