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Death and The right hand
A Contribution to the Study of the Collective Representation of Death 1. The Intermediary Period 2. The Final Ceremony 3. Conclusion The Pre-eminence of the Right Hand: A Study in Religious PolarityExpand
A Contribution to a Study of the Collective Representation of Death
We all believe we know what death is because it is a familiar event and one that arouses intense emotion. It seems both ridiculous and sacrilegious to question the value of this intimate knowledgeExpand
The Dark Side of Humanity. The Work of Robert Hertz and Its Legacy
Life and career the Durkheimian background to Hertz' work Hertz as reviewer and pamphleteer right and left death and the analysis of ritual sin and expiation St Besse and the analysis of myth.
The pre-eminence of the right hand
  • R. Hertz
  • History
  • HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory
  • 1 June 2013
What resemblance more perfect than that between our two hands! And yet what a striking inequality there is! To the right hand go honours, flattering designations, prerogatives: it acts, orders, andExpand
The occurrence of a verruca vulgaris on an intraoral skin graft. A unique growth with significant implications.
  • R. Hertz
  • Medicine
  • Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology
  • 1 December 1972
Abstract A verruca vulgaris developed on a skin graft to the oral cavity. This is the first such lesion described. The implications of a skin lesion developing in the oral environment are discussed.Expand
Metastatic carcinoma of the mandible secondary to adenocarcinoma of the lung. Report of a case.
Abstract A case of metastatic carcinoma of the mandible, secondary to adenocarcinoma of the lung, has been presented. Few cases of this nature have been reported in the dental literature. This caseExpand
Autogeneic and allogeneic tooth transplants in the treatment of malocclusion.
Abstract Many orthodontic problems are complicated by the asymmetrical congenital absence of permanent teeth. Autogeneic or allogeneic transplantation of teeth should be considered in these cases. AExpand
Epithelial melanosis of the gingiva possibly resulting from the use of oral contraceptives.
This case is typical of others we have seen. All cases have been those of female patients who were taking oral contraceptives. A relationship is suggested between use of oral contraceptives andExpand
Pain resulting from elongated pterygoid hamulus: report of case.
  • R. Hertz
  • Medicine
  • Journal of oral surgery
  • 1968