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Tourist Motivations and Satisfaction in the Archaeological Ensemble of Madinat Al-Zahra
Madinat Al-Zahra is an ancient Arab palace located in Cordoba, Spain, which was proclaimed as part of the World Heritage of Humanity in 2018. The public administration must know the touristExpand
Influence of the restaurant brand and gastronomy on tourist loyalty. A study in Córdoba (Spain)
Abstract The purpose of this research is to study gastronomy which uses quality local foods to examine the effects of the views held by tourists about the destination and the restaurants there on theExpand
The Loyalty of Tourism in Synagogues: The Special Case of the Synagogue of Córdoba
The results showed that there is strong loyalty to the heritage site as well as the destination, and the expected and perceived value of the destination and the historical monument using a structural research equations methodology. Expand
Loyalty in Heritage Tourism: The Case of Córdoba and Its Four World Heritage Sites
The research has proven that visitor loyalty depends on visitor satisfaction with the destination, which depends on the perceived quality and value of the visit, and the following areas for improvement have been identified: improvement of the information about the Destination, improvement of waiting times and the professionalization of specialized tour guides at heritage sites. Expand
The role of traditional restaurants in tourist destination loyalty
The results obtained confirm that a satisfactory experience with the food of a traditional restaurant has a positive effect on the image of the destination and the gastronomy of the place, as well as on visitors’ intentions to recommend and repeat the visit to said destination. Expand
The cultural and heritage tourist, SEM analysis: the case of The Citadel of the Catholic King
This study researches the loyalty of travelers to destinations which include material cultural heritage. It analyzes the loyalty of visitors to a destination with cultural heritage sites in order toExpand
Tourist loyalty and mosque tourism: The case of the Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba (Spain)
This research aims to analyze the loyalty of tourists of Islamic origin in the Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba by considering cultural factors in the analysis of loyalty of Islamic tourists in mosque tourism. Expand