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Effects of different vibration exercises on bench press.
This study was undertaken to analyze the effects of different vibration recovery strategies via feet or hands on the number of repetitions performed and on mean velocity, peak velocity and bloodExpand
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Physical and Physiological Characteristics of Judo Athletes: An Update
Judo competition is characterized structurally by weight category, which raises the importance of physiological control training in judo. The aim of the present review was to examine scientificExpand
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Connectivity between coastal lagoons and sea: Asymmetrical effects on assemblages' and populations' structure
Abstract Connectivity among marine populations plays a fundamental role in the dynamic of metapopulations and communities. Moreover, genetic connectivity is important for the evolutionary history andExpand
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Effects of 7-weeks competitive training period on physiological and mental condition of top level judoists.
AIM We examined hormonal and haematological parameters and the profile of mood states (POMS) in top level judoists undertaking a 7-week competitive training period in a real contest. METHODSExpand
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Physiological requirements of judo combat : original research article
The present study attempts to describe the physiological demands of judo combat with the recent changes in the rules. A group of 11 subjects (elite judokas) (19.73 ± 3.13 years, 68.69 ± 15.28kg,Expand
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Mating frequency in Apis mellifera iberiensis queens
Summary Honey bees exhibit high levels of polyandry. This mating behaviour provides high levels of genetic diversity within the colonies which increases colony productivity, queen fitness andExpand
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Heat Capacity Prediction During Pork Meat Thawing: Application of Artificial Neural Network
Current models based on artificial neural networks (ANNs) constitute an application for recognizing nonlinear patterns in biological processes and are useful tools for process control. A propertyExpand
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The Effect of Place of Residence on Physical Fitness and Adherence to Mediterranean Diet in 3–5-Year-Old Girls and Boys: Urban vs. Rural
The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of place of residence on physical fitness and adherence to Mediterranean Diet (AMD) in 3–5-year-old children, i.e., whether those who live inExpand
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Fluctuación del Perfil de Estados de Ánimo (POMS) en un periodo competitivo en judokas de élite
The purpose of this paper is to analyse the relationship between the evolution of the training load and the mood states of elite judo athletes during the competition season. Seven elite judo athletesExpand
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The influence of environmental variability of a coastal lagoon ecosystem on genetic diversity and structure of white seabream [Diplodus sargus (Linnaeus 1758)] populations
As coastal lagoons serve as nursery areas for some marine and estuarine fish, selective pressures of these brackish or hypersaline lagoons may influence the genetic structure of species andExpand
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