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The economy and material culture of Russia, 1600-1725
This study of the Russian economy from 1600-1725 offers a glimpse of the material life of the people of Muscovy during that tumultous period - how they lived, what they ate, how they were taxed andExpand
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Thoughts on the Absence of Elite Resistance in Muscovy
This essay considers, in general terms, a vexing hypothetical question: why did the Muscovite elite (the ranks of syn boiarskii through boiarin) not rise up to limit in some fashion the authority ofExpand
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Russia, 1200–1815
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At War with the Church: Religious Dissent in Seventeenth-Century Russia. By Georg Bernhard Michels. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999. x, 354 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Tables. $60.00,
ularly regrettable since die audior's scholarly apparatus is inadequate to support his categorical views. All too frequently he provides composite endnotes that fail to distinguish between dioseExpand