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Generic Support for Distributed Applications
Cambridge University researchers developed middleware extensions that provide a flexible, scalable approach to distributed-application development that has provided support for emerging applications.
Using events to build distributed applications
A prototype composite event recogniser based on non-deterministic finite state machines is implemented and initial experience with this prototype is encouraging.
Inquiry-based learning and the international student
The relationship between inquiry-based learning (IBL) and international students is of rising importance in the UK in the context of a growing focus on the connection between research and teaching
Reconstructing Conservatism?: The Conservative party in opposition, 1997–2010
Why did it take the Conservative Party so long to recover power? After the landslide defeat in 1997, why was it so slow to adapt, reposition itself and rebuild its support? How did the party
The Party Politics of Englishness
Research Highlights and Abstract provides one of the first assessments of how British multi-national and English political parties have responded to existing and emergent identity tensions in England
Access control in an open distributed environment
The paper shows how a service may define a set of proof rules (Horn clauses) that specify who may use it and in what way and goes on to present the design details of the system.
FlexiNet—a flexible component oriented middleware system
An overview of the FlexiNet architecture is given, highlighting how its approach differs from other middleware architectures, and illustrate the benefits that result from the new approach.
The UK Independence Party and the Politics of Englishness
The rise of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been one of the most dramatic and widely discussed features of British politics in recent years. This article argues that one vital but largely
The Quiet Man of British Politics: the Rise, Fall and Significance of Iain Duncan Smith
This article offers a reappraisal of the performance of Iain Duncan Smith as Conservative Party leader between 2001 and 2003. The rationale for the paper stems from the relative neglect of his
Towards the Mainstream? UKIP and the 2009 Elections to the European Parliament
This article examines the performance of the UK Independence party (UKIP) at the 2009 European Parliament election, and asks whether the party's second-place finish indicates that it is now entering