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Geno-fuzzy classification trees
Transient signal propagation in lossless, isotropic plasmas
The asymptotic behavior of transient signal propagation in lossless, isotropic plasmas is discussed for a typical input signal of a step modulated sine wave. A generalized saddlepoint integration is
Accelerating the performance of particle swarm optimization for embedded applications
A modular, flexible and reusable architecture for a hardware PSO engine, for accelerating the algorithm's performance, and its performance compared against software executions on benchmark test functions is presented.
Enhancing performance of PSO with automatic parameter tuning technique
An automatic parameter tuning technique for enhancing particle Swarm Optimization performance is developed and the effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated on mathematical benchmark functions as well as on a real world application problem.
Flowpaths: Compiling stack-based IR to hardware
Neuro-Fuzzy Classification and Regression Trees
Fuzzy classification and regression trees can be considered to be a fuzzy neural network in which the structure of the network is learned rather than the weights.
Transient waves in anisotropic plasmas
The experimentally significant, long time transient response of a lossless anisotropic plasma to a short electromagnetic pulse is given. Natural oscillations asymptotically approach the plasma cutoff