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Personally Relevant and Personally Irrelevant Attitude Differences toward Educable and Trainable Retarded Children.
Personally relevant and personally irrelevant attitude differences toward educable and trainable mentally retarded children were investigated. Results indicated that attitude differences occur onlyExpand
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Validity of Teacher Rating as a Subtest for Screening Emotionally Disturbed Children
The present study validates a screening technique-teacher judgment about personality adjustment. It was hypothesized that teachers recognize different magnitudes of personality adjustment. OfExpand
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Zur Reaktion von Diphenylcyclopropenon, seinen funktionellen Derivaten und Imoniumsalzen mit Aminen
Die Reaktion der Cyclopropenone1, 2, der Cyclopropenonimine3 sowie der Cyclopropenonimonium-Kationen5 mit Aminen verschiedener Provenienz wird untersucht und die Struktur der dabei auftretendenExpand
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Hydrogen production process by means of nuclear energy
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Attitudes Concerning Undergraduate Programs for the Preparation of Teachers of the Emotionally Disturbed
  • R. Harth
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Exceptional children
  • 1 March 1971
were grouped into: (a) neurologically impaired, (b) no neurological impairment, (c) visual-motor impairment, and (d) no visualmotor impairment. No significant differences were found between groups aExpand
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The Validity of the ITPA Visual Closure Subtest
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