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Temporal distribution of strain in the active Banda orogen: a reconciliation of rival hypotheses
Abstract Integration of geological and geophysical data from the active Banda orogen reveals important variations in structural style with time that reconcile rival hypotheses for the tectonicExpand
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TPACK Development in Science Teaching: Measuring the TPACK Confidence of Inservice Science Teachers
TechTrends • September/October 2009 Volume 53, Number 5 nowledge related to the effective use of educational technologies has become widely recognized as an important aspect of an educator’sExpand
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Rise and fall of the Eastern Great Indonesian arc recorded by the assembly, dispersion and accretion of the Banda Terrane, Timor
Abstract New age, petrochemical and structural data indicate that the Banda Terrane is a remnant of a Jurassic to Eocene arc–trench system that formed the eastern part of the Great Indonesian arc.Expand
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The Permian of Timor: stratigraphy, palaeontology and palaeogeography
The Permian of Timor in the Lesser Sunda Islands has attracted the attention of palaeontologists since the middle of the nineteenth century because of the richness, diversity and excellent state ofExpand
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Plate boundary reorganization in the active Banda Arc–continent collision: Insights from new GPS measurements
Abstract New GPS measurements reveal that large sections of the SE Asian Plate are progressively accreting to the edge of the Australian continent by distribution of strain away from the deformationExpand
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Peri-collisional extension and the formation of Oman-type ophiolites in the Banda arc and Brooks Range
  • R. Harris
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  • Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 1992
Abstract Integration of data from field, geochemistry, and radiometric age investigations of the active Banda arc—Australia collision zone (Banda orogen) and the Jurassic Brooks Range ophioliteExpand
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Contemporary deformation of the Wasatch Fault, Utah, from GPS measurements with implications for interseismic fault behavior and earthquake hazard: Observations and kinematic analysis
[1] Contemporary strain accumulation rates of the 350-km-long Wasatch fault, Utah, have been determined by GPS measurements and provide key data for evaluating normal fault behavior and relatedExpand
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The Bubble Act: Its Passage and Its Effects on Business Organization
By surveying contemporary sources this article reveals direct evidence for the involvement of the South Sea Company in the passage of the Bubble Act. The dominant position of the Company and of itsExpand
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Transition from subduction to arc-continent collision: Geologic and neotectonic evolution of Savu Island, Indonesia
Field analyses of stratigraphy, structure, and tectonic geomorphology of Savu Island defi ne the age and provenance of accreted Australian continental margin sequences and overlying synorogenicExpand
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The Transplantation of the Legal Discourse on Corporate Personality Theories: From German Codification to British Political Pluralism and American Big Business
The debate on the nature of the legal personality of groups emerged in Germany in the last third of the 19th century and intensified with the controversies over the drafting of the German Civil Code.Expand
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