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Atlas of Correlative Imaging Anatomy of the Normal Dog: Ultrasound and Computed Tomography
Comprehensive visual guide to the normal dog. Stresses clinical correlates for conditions revealed by ultrasound or CT. Combines: 1) an anatomic overview, 2) a normal planar anatomy atlas, 3)Expand
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Water deprivation test in the dog: maximal normal values.
Studies were undertaken to determine maximal urine osmolality and urine specific gravity following water deprivation for 20 dogs with normal renal function. In addition, the reliability of bodyExpand
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Reassessment of cytologic values in canine cerebrospinal fluid by use of cytocentrifugation.
Using cytocentrifugation, nearly one fourth of canine cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples with cell counts in the normal range had abnormalities in cell type or morphologic features. CerebrospinalExpand
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A comparison of copper-loading disease in Bedlington terriers and Wilson's disease in humans.
Eleven Bedlington terriers were found to have a mean hepatic copper concentration of 6,321 micrograms/g dry wt (normal, 200 micrograms/g dry wt) and renal copper concentration that was three or fourExpand
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Acalculous cholecystitis in four canine cases: ultrasonographic findings and use of ultrasonographic-guided, percutaneous cholecystocentesis in diagnosis.
Canine cholecystitis is diagnosed infrequently. Clinical signs, physical examination findings, and clinicopathological abnormalities are nonspecific. Few reports exist of associated ultrasonographicExpand
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The liver in the inherited copper disease of Bedlington terriers.
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Statistical relevance of ultrasonographic criteria in the assessment of diffuse liver disease in dogs and cats.
OBJECTIVE To determine whether objectively applied ultrasonographic interpretive criteria are statistically useful in differentiating among 7 defined categories of diffuse liver disease in dogs andExpand
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The lumbosacral spine of six normal dogs weighing 4.5 to 24.5kg was imaged by computed tomography in 5.0 mm & 10.0 mm transverse planes. The vertebral canal and thecal sac (including emerging nerveExpand
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