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Sudden infant death syndrome and unclassified sudden infant deaths: a definitional and diagnostic approach.
The definition of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) originally appeared in 1969 and was modified 2 decades later, justifying additional refinement of the definition to incorporate epidemiologic features, risk factors, pathological features, and ancillary test findings. Expand
Leading causes of unintentional and intentional injury mortality: United States, 2000-2009.
Mortality rates for suicide, poisoning, and falls rose substantially over the past decade, and suicide has surpassed motor vehicle traffic crashes as the leading cause of injury mortality. Expand
Murder‐Suicide in Fulton County, Georgia, 1988–1991: Comparison with a Recent Report and Proposed Typology
Murder-suicide in Fulton County was different from national data in ways that might be due to local demographics, the local homicide rate, and the local suicide rate and an alternative classification scheme is offered that enables documentation of more comprehensive information. Expand
Sickle Cell Lung Disease and Sudden Death: A Retrospective/Prospective Study of 21 Autopsy Cases and Literature Review
Higher-than-expected percentages of acute and chronic sickle cell–related lung injury such as fat embolism and pulmonary hypertension are demonstrated, with right ventricular hypertrophy the most frequent lung findings. Expand
The abdominal diameter index and sudden coronary death in men.
Alternative anthropometric indexes were compared and the abdominal diameter index (supine sagittal abdominal diameter divided by midthigh circumference) was associated with sudden coronary death more strongly than the waist/hip ratio or waist/thigh ratio of circumferences. Expand
Lingual thyroglossal duct cyst causing death in a four-week-old infant.
Proof of a cause and effect relationship between such a cyst and death is difficult in the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) age group because of nonspecific findings associated with asphyxia and SIDS. Expand
Pulmonary hemosiderin in deceased infants: baseline data for further study of infant mortality.
Infant lung samples obtained prospectively at autopsy by medical examiner pathologists in five areas of the United States are consistent with other reports that pulmonary hemosiderin in deceased infants is suggestive of a cause of death other than sudden infant death syndrome. Expand
The conversion of coroner systems to medical examiner systems in the United States: a lull in the action.
  • R. Hanzlick
  • Medicine
  • The American journal of forensic medicine and…
  • 1 December 2007
Possible reasons for this decline are discussed, including legislative, political, geographical, financial, population-based, and physician manpower distribution factors. Expand
Nonnatural Deaths of Adolescents and Teenagers: Fulton County, Georgia, 1985–2004
If effective firearm fatality prevention strategies and programs could be implemented, data in this study suggests that such a measure alone could cut in half the nonnatural mortality rate in the 10 to 19 year age group in Fulton County. Expand
Radioimmunoassay screening of dried blood spot materials for benzoylecgonine.
Residual samples of blood spots, which are routinely collected on almost all newborns in the United States, can be used to determine seroprevalence information on newborns and maternal exposures toExpand