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Cocaine inhibits muscarinic cholinergic receptors in heart and brain.
Results indicate that cocaine can act as an antimuscarinic agent, particularly at higher, toxic doses.
Heterogeneity of muscarinic receptors coupled to phosphoinositide breakdown in guinea pig brain and peripheral tissues.
Results show that the guinea pig bladder contains PI-linked M2 muscarinic receptors, whereas the Guinea pig colon contains PI -linked M1 receptors, which suggest a pharmacological heterogeneity of PI- linked mus carinic receptors.
In vivo cystometrogram studies in urethane-anesthetized and conscious guinea pigs.
The data suggests that CMG parameters and the effects of oxybutynin were not affected by Urethane anesthesia, making the in vivo urethane-anesthetized guinea pig preparation a valuable tool to evaluate both the filling and voiding phases of cystometry.
The Effect of Various Salinities, Hypophysectomy, and Hormone Treatments on the Survival and Sodium and Potassium Content of Juvenile Bowfin, Amia calva
Bovine prolactin and Amia pituitary injections were the most effective treatments found for prolonging survival after hypophysectomy; none of the animals, however, survived more than 17 days.
Novel low‐molecular‐weight superoxide dismutase mimic deferoxamine‐manganese improves survival following hemorrhagic and endotoxic shock
The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the in vivo activity of the novel low‐molecular‐weight superoxide dismutase (SOD)‐mimic deferoxamine‐manganese (Def‐Mn) in models of circulatory shock.
Incidence and pathophysiological changes in chronic two-kidney hypertension in the dog.
The data show that the homeostatic role played by the renin-angiotensin system in the maintenance of arterial pressure remained intact in chronic hypertension, and chronic hypertensive dogs showed normal responses to deoxycorticosterone acetate.
R and S enantiomers of oxybutynin: pharmacological effects in guinea pig bladder and intestine.
Stereoselectivity was observed for Ca++-channel antagonism, spasmolytic and local anesthetic properties of (R/S)OXY and its enantiomers, but no stereoselective effects were observed forCa++- channel antagonistic and spasmsolytic effects of (Oxybutynin)Oxy butynin.
Effects of prostaglandins and prostaglandin precursors on the arterial pressure of the bullfrog, Rana catesbiana
Abstract Effects of prostaglandin precursors, prostaglandins, and cyclooxygenase inhibitors upon arterial pressures of unanesthetized bullfrogs were determined. 1. The mean arterial pressure of the
Serum cortisol levels of juvenile bowfin, Amia calva: Effects of hypophysectomy, hormone replacement and environmental salinity☆
Serum cortisol levels of sham-operated A. calva increased significantly in 20 and 24% seawater above freshwater values, and growth hormone in combination with prolactin lowered serum cortisol of hypophysectomized animals to non-detectable levels.
Lack of evidence for gastrointestinal control of sodium excretion in unanesthetized dogs.
No evidence was found to support the existence of a GI or portal Na receptor system that regulates urinary sodium excretion in the unanesthetized rabbit and no significant differences in plasma sodium concentration, peripheral hematocrit, or urinary Sodium excretion were observed between the GI and IV routes of sodium administration.