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The Sequence Alignment/Map format and SAMtools
Summary: The Sequence Alignment/Map (SAM) format is a generic alignment format for storing read alignments against reference sequences, supporting short and long reads (up to 128 Mbp) produced byExpand
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The variant call format and VCFtools
Summary: The variant call format (VCF) is a generic format for storing DNA polymorphism data such as SNPs, insertions, deletions and structural variants, together with rich annotations. VCF isExpand
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An integrated map of genetic variation from 1,092 human genomes
By characterizing the geographic and functional spectrum of human genetic variation, the 1000 Genomes Project aims to build a resource to help to understand the genetic contribution to disease. HereExpand
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Genetic studies of body mass index yield new insights for obesity biology
Obesity is heritable and predisposes to many diseases. To understand the genetic basis of obesity better, here we conduct a genome-wide association study and Metabochip meta-analysis of body massExpand
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SNAP: a web-based tool for identification and annotation of proxy SNPs using HapMap
SUMMARY The interpretation of genome-wide association results is confounded by linkage disequilibrium between nearby alleles. We have developed a flexible bioinformatics query tool forExpand
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An integrated map of structural variation in 2,504 human genomes
Structural variants are implicated in numerous diseases and make up the majority of varying nucleotides among human genomes. Here we describe an integrated set of eight structural variant classesExpand
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Integrated detection and population-genetic analysis of SNPs and copy number variation
Dissecting the genetic basis of disease risk requires measuring all forms of genetic variation, including SNPs and copy number variants (CNVs), and is enabled by accurate maps of their locations,Expand
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Genome sequence and analysis of the Irish potato famine pathogen Phytophthora infestans
Phytophthora infestans is the most destructive pathogen of potato and a model organism for the oomycetes, a distinct lineage of fungus-like eukaryotes that are related to organisms such as brownExpand
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Clonal hematopoiesis and blood-cancer risk inferred from blood DNA sequence.
BACKGROUND Cancers arise from multiple acquired mutations, which presumably occur over many years. Early stages in cancer development might be present years before cancers become clinically apparent.Expand
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Mapping copy number variation by population scale genome sequencing
Genomic structural variants (SVs) are abundant in humans, differing from other forms of variation in extent, origin and functional impact. Despite progress in SV characterization, the nucleotideExpand
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