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Evolution and biogeography of the endemic Roucela complex (Campanulaceae: Campanula) in the Eastern Mediterranean
Abstract At the intersection of geological activity, climatic fluctuations, and human pressure, the Mediterranean Basin – a hotspot of biodiversity – provides an ideal setting for studying endemism,Expand
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The Euro+Med treatment of Apiaceae
Abstract Hand R.: The Euro+Med treatment of Apiaceae [Notulae ad floram euro-mediterraneam pertinentes 28]. — Willdenowia 41: 245–250. December 2011. — Online ISSN 1868-6397; © 2011 BGBMExpand
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Liste der Gefäßpflanzen Deutschlands
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Differences in the technical and applied nutrition knowledge of older adults.
Although elder adults are much more knowledgeable about nutrition than ever before, diet behavior is not consistent with nutrition knowledge. One of the reasons for this inconsistency may be that theExpand
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Endemics and their common congener plant species on an East Mediterranean island: a comparative functional trait approach
Understanding evolution and ecology of endemic plants is of great importance for conservation of those rare and endangered species. Pairwise comparisons of plant functional traits could be anExpand
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The role of local sea surface temperature pattern changes in shaping climate change in the North Atlantic sector
Beside its global effects, climate change is manifested in many regionally pronounced features mainly resulting from changes in the oceanic and atmospheric circulation. Here we investigate theExpand
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Multiple origins of dendroid shrubs in the eastern Mediterranean Euphorbia hierosolymitana group (Euphorbiaceae) with description of a new species, Euphorbia lemesiana, from Cyprus
The leafy spurges, Euphorbia subgenus Esula, have one of their diversity centres in the Mediterranean, which is considered to be one of the 25 biodiversity hot-spots. The eastern Mediterranean, inExpand
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Scaligeria alziarii (Apiaceae), a new sibling species of S. napiformis from Cyprus
Abstract Hand R., Hadjikyriakou G. & Zetzsche H.: Scaligeria alziarii, a new sibling species of S. napiformis from Cyprus. — Willdenowia 42: 199–207. December 2012. — Online ISSN 1868-6397; © 2012Expand
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Arum cylindraceum subsp. pitsyllianum (Araceae), a New Taxon from Cyprus
Abstract.  Arum cylindraceum Gasp. subsp. pitsyllianum Hadjik., Hand & G. Mans. (Araceae), a rare Cypriot endemic, is described as new. This diploid taxon differs from A. cylindraceum s. str. by theExpand
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