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Parents and Schools: Partners or Protagonists?
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‘Whoops, I forgot David’: children's perceptions of the adults who work in their classrooms
This article reports on the findings of a small‐scale study into the perceptions of 78 primary school children regarding the adults in their classrooms. The data show that children easilyExpand
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‘They call me wonder woman’: the job jurisdictions and work‐related learning of higher level teaching assistants
This paper reports on an in‐depth interview study of the roles, job jurisdictions and associated learning of higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs). This role has the core purpose of coveringExpand
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‘A day in the life’: advancing a methodology for the cultural study of development and learning in early childhood
This paper explores the methodology of an ecological investigation of aspects of culture in the interactional construction of early childhood in diverse global communities: Peru, Italy, Canada,Expand
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Points out that the success or failure of a business can depend on the quality of the interpersonal relationships within it, and that three‐quarters of a manager′s time may be spent on suchExpand
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The Literacy Hour: a case for listening to children
Despite a professional rhetoric about the importance of consulting children, there is reason to think that many teachers continue to disregard children's views in their dayto-day practice. TheExpand
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Implementing a required curriculum reform: teachers at the core, teaching assistants on the periphery?
This paper considers the part played by teaching assistants in the implementation of the National Literacy and National Numeracy Strategies, two widespread UK government reforms. Evidence from twoExpand
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Domestic Play Collaborations in Diverse Family Contexts
FIVE 30-MONTH-OLD GIRLS in diverse family communities around the globe were filmed during one day in their lives. An international team collaboratively analysed videos in association with field notesExpand
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What are Parent–School Organisations for? Some views from an inner-London LEA
A telephone survey of the schools of an inner - London LEA was conducted to discover what organisations for parents (parent - teacher associations, parents' associations, friends' organisations)Expand
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Why are class teachers reluctant to become researchers
Abstract Although the teacher-as-researcher movement has been in existence for some twenty years, there is reason to think that the majority of class teachers remain uninvolved. What lies behindExpand
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