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Manufacturing Consent in Cyberspace: China's “Fifty-Cent Army”
Studies on public expression in China tend to focus on how the state and internet users (netizens) struggle over the limits of online expression. Few have systematically traced discourse competitionExpand
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Improvement to a transport model of asphalt binder oxidation in pavements: Pavement temperature modeling, oxygen diffusivity in asphalt binders and mastics, and pavement air void characterization
Improvements to a Transport Model of Asphalt Binder Oxidation in Pavements: Pavement Temperature Modeling, Oxygen Diffusivity in Asphalt Binders and Mastics, and Pavement Air Void Characterization.Expand
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Modeling Pavement Temperature for Use in Binder Oxidation Models and Pavement Performance Prediction
The ability to accurately predict pavement temperature variation with time and depth is critical to calculating binder oxidation in pavements, understanding asphalt material behavior, and predictingExpand
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Cultivation of axenic Heterorhabditis spp. dauer juveniles and their response to non-specific Photorhabdus luminescens food signals
A method is described for the production of bacteria-free Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and H. indica dauer juveniles by culturing these nematodes on Photorhabdus luminescens symbionts isolated fromExpand
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Oxygen Diffusivity in Asphalts and Mastics
Determination of oxygen diffusivity in binders was made by comparing the oxidation rates at the surface and at a solid–binder interface of an asphalt film of known reaction kinetics. For neatExpand
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3D hepatocyte monolayer on hybrid RGD/galactose substratum.
Hepatocyte-based applications such as xenobiotics metabolism and toxicity studies usually require hepatocytes anchoring onto flat substrata that support their functional maintenance. ConventionalExpand
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Synthetic sandwich culture of 3D hepatocyte monolayer.
The sandwich culture of hepatocytes, between double layers of extra-cellular matrix (ECM), is a well-established in vitro model for re-establishing hepatic polarity and maintaining differentiatedExpand
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Laminar-flow immediate-overlay hepatocyte sandwich perfusion system for drug hepatotoxicity testing.
Drug hepatotoxicity testing requires in vitro hepatocyte culture to maintain the long-term and stable liver specific functions. We developed a drug testing platform based on laminar-flowExpand
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Development of Heterorhabditis spp. strains as characteristics of possible Xenorhabdus luminescens subspecies
SUMMARY Seven axenic Heterorhabditis strains were mutually recombined with their Xenorhabdus luminescens symbionts. Most strains, to a degree, developed successfully on four or five of the X.Expand
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Fast-Rate–Constant-Rate Oxidation Kinetics Model for Asphalt Binders
Asphalt oxidative aging at constant temperature is characterized by a declining fast-rate period and a constant-rate period. While constant-rate reaction kinetics are known for many asphaltExpand
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