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Quantized Vortices in Helium II
Preface 1. Background on classical vortices 2. Background on liquid helium II 3. Vortex dynamics and mutual friction 4. The structure of quantized vortices 5. Vortex arrays 6. Vortex waves 7. QuantumExpand
The Superfluid Phases Of Helium 3
A comprehensive treatment of the theory of superfluid helium-3 is presented in this book. This treatment also illustrates many of the principal themes of theoretical condensed matter physics over theExpand
Excitations in liquid and solid helium
Introduction 1. Dynamic response functions 2. Physics of solid helium 3. Dynamic structure factor of solid helium 4. Self consistent phonon theory 5. Neutron studies of solid helium 6. IntroductionExpand
An introduction to liquid helium
Normal liquid 3 He The Landau theory of a Fermi liquid Liquid helium II The two-fluid properties of helium II Elementary excitations in helium II The theoretical basis of the two-fluid model KineticExpand
Observation of unusual mass transport in solid hcp (4)He.
  • M. Ray, R. Hallock
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • Physical review letters
  • 30 April 2008
Solid (4)He has been created off the melting curve by growth at a nearly constant mass via the "blocked capillary" technique and growth from the (4)He superfluid at constant temperature. TheExpand
Experimental Low Temperature Physics
Properties of solids at low temperatures properties of liquid helium reaching low temperatures stage 1 reaching low temperatures stage 2 reaching low temperatures stage 3 thermometry experimentalExpand
Effect of growth conditions on the properties and morphology of chemically derived epitaxial thin films of Ba2YCu3O7−x on (001) LaAlO3
Epitaxial thin films of Ba2YCu3O7−x (BYC) were prepared on (001) LaAlO3 single‐crystal substrates by metalorganic deposition of metal trifluoroacetate precursors. This is an ex situ process thatExpand
Overview on Solid 4He and the Issue of Supersolidity
Here we provide an overview of the status of the field of solid 4He with a focus on the recent theoretical and experimental activities stimulated by the 2004 experiments of Kim and Chan. The overviewExpand
Mass flux and solid growth in solid ⁴He for 60-700 mK.
We use the thermomechanical effect to confirm that a flux of atoms takes place in hcp solid ⁴He below ∼600  mK. We find that the flux falls abruptly in the vicinity of 80 mK and rises with furtherExpand