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Conducting Video Research in the Learning Sciences: Guidance on Selection, Analysis, Technology, and Ethics
This work addresses 4 challenges for scientists who collect and use video records to conduct research in and on complex learning environments, and investigates how to encourage broad video sharing and reuse while adequately protecting the rights of research participants who are recorded. Expand
Practicing Representation: Learning with and about Representational Forms
Every student's educational activities should include the rich variety of experience and learning made possible through participation in multiple practices of representation, Messrs. Greeno and HallExpand
Representation as Shared Activity: Situated Cognition and Dewey's Cartography of Experience
Dewey described the continuity of experience and the interaction of individuals with their environments as longitude and latitude for locating educative experience. This article examines threeExpand
Exploring the Episodic Structure of Algebra Story Problem Solving
This article analyzes the quantitative and situational structure of algebra story problems, uses these materials to propose an interpretive framework for written problem-solving protocols, and thenExpand
Counter-Mapping the Neighborhood on Bicycles: Mobilizing Youth to Reimagine the City
This article describes a social design experiment for spatial justice that focused on changes in the personal mobility of six non-driving, African-American teenagers, who participated in an afterschool bicycle building and riding workshop located in a mid-south city. Expand
Disrupting Representational Infrastructure in Conversations Across Disciplines
In this article, we analyze conversations in consulting meetings where people work across disciplines to design things. We focus on interactional processes through which people disrupt and attempt toExpand
Computational Approaches to Analogical Reasoning: A Comparative Analysis
  • R. Hall
  • Computer Science
  • Artif. Intell.
  • 1 May 1989
It is argued that computational studies of analogy are in a state of adolescence: looking to more mature research areas in artificial intelligence for robust accounts of basic reasoning processes and drawing upon a long tradition of research in other disciplines. Expand
Changing Concepts in Activity: Descriptive and Design Studies of Consequential Learning in Conceptual Practices
Concepts and conceptual change have been studied extensively as phenomena of individual thinking and action, but changing circumstances of social or cultural groups using concepts are treated asExpand
CSCL 2 : carrying forward the conversation
Contents: G.M. Olson, J.S Olson, R. Kraut, Series Editors' Comments. Preface. Part I:Case Studies of Technology Transfer. N. Miyake, T. Koschmann, Realizations of CSCL Conversations: TechnologyExpand