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Maximal shortening velocity during plantar flexion: Effects of pre‐activity and initial stretching state
We investigated the effects of the initial length of the muscle‐tendon unit (MTU) and muscle pre‐activation on muscle‐tendon interactions during plantarflexion performed at maximal velocity.Expand
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The slack test does not assess maximal shortening velocity of muscle fascicles in humans
ABSTRACT The application of a series of extremely high accelerative motor-driven quick releases while muscles contract isometrically (i.e. slack test) has been proposed to assess unloaded velocity inExpand
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Influence of joint angle on muscle fascicle dynamics and rate of torque development during isometric explosive contractions.
This study investigated how joint angle influences fascicle shortening dynamics of gastrocnemius medialis (GM) during explosive contractions, and the resulting impact on rate of torque developmentExpand
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Mechanical determinants of forward skating sprint inferred from off- and on-ice force-velocity evaluations in elite female ice hockey players
Abstract This study aimed to investigate the correlations between players’ mechanical capacities determined during off- and on-ice tests. Whole body force-velocity relationships were assessed inExpand
Hyperthermia reduces electromechanical delay via accelerated electrochemical processes.
The present study aimed to determine the effect of hyperthermia on both electrochemical and mechanical components of the electromechanical delay (EMD), using very-high-frame-rate ultrasound.Expand