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The Compton Effect: Turning Point in Physics
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Sources of Color Science. David L. MacAdam
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William H. Bragg's Corpuscular Theory of X-Rays and γ-Rays
THE modern corpuscular theory of radiation was born in I905 when Einstein advanced his light quantum hypothesis;' and the steps by which Einstein's hypothesis, after years of profound scepticism, wasExpand
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Theories of chemical bonding.
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Rutherford and his times.
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A Critical Analysis of Newton's Work on Diffraction
CONTEMPORARY PHYSICISTS, accustomed to associating Isaac Newton's name with a corpuscular theory of light, are usually surprised to discover the large number of wave concepts in Newton's opticalExpand
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Gamow’s Theory of Alpha-Decay
George Gamow burst upon the European community of physicists like a meteor from outer space. The origin of his trajectory was distant Leningrad; his point of impact was Gottingen;. The time wasExpand
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John S. Rigden