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Conversion of a hemoglobin alpha chain aspartate(47) ester to N-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)asparagine as a method for identification of the principal binding site for benzo[a]pyrene anti-diol epoxide.
Limited direct evidence from this study and further indirect evidence from previous work identify Asp(47) alpha as the amino acid reacting with BPDE, which is identified as the Thr(41)-Lys(56) peptide of the alpha chain by amino acid analysis, Edman sequencing analysis, and FAB-MS. Expand
Human serum albumin-benzo[a]pyrene anti-diol epoxide adduct structure elucidation by fluorescence line narrowing spectroscopy.
Cryogenic (4-10 K) laser-induced vibrationless ground state and vibronic excited state fluorescence emission spectra of the adducts resulting from reaction in vitro of human serum albumin and the carcinogen revealed that a mixture of adduct types are formed with the protein. Expand
Synthesis of (-)-2-Fluoroshikimic Acid.
The author, president of Rich's, a department store in Atlanta, Georgia, argues for the involvement and active participation of central business district retail merchants in traffic improvementExpand