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Philosophy Made Simple
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Historical and Critical Dictionary: Selections
Richard Popkin's meticulous translation--the most complete since the eighteenth century--contains selections from thirty-nine articles, as well as from Bayle's four Clarifications. The bulk of theExpand
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The history of scepticism from Erasmus to Spinoza
"I had read the book before in the shorter Harper Torchbook edition but read it again right through - and found it as interesting and exciting as before. I regard it as one of the seminal books inExpand
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Scepticism in the Enlightenment
It may seem very presumptuous to pretend to deal with so vast a subject in a brief paper. However, as I shall try to indicate, if the subject is limited to the traditional philosophical meaning ofExpand
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Problems of knowledge and action: Theories of knowledge
INTRODUCTION The theory of knowledge, as a or the central branch of philosophy, is a post-Renaissance phenomenon that develops from certain critical movements in Renaissance thought. If epistemologyExpand
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Scepticism and Anti-Scepticism in the Latter Part of the Eighteenth Century
In the twenty-five years that I have been examining the course of modern scepticism, I have rarely ventured beyond Hume. In this paper I shall offer some tentative views about the development ofExpand
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The Spiritualistic Cosmologies of Henry More and Anne Conway
Henry More has been one of the hardest philosophers to classify. For want of a better term, he is ranked as leading ‘Cambridge Platonist’, a classification that itself is pretty vague. More, on theExpand
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No conference dealing with Menasseh ben Israel would be complete without a discussion of the Jewish Indian theory, which was dealt with in Menasseh's most famous work, The Hope of Israel . The theoryExpand
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