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Survey of Actual and Preferred Use of Cooperative Learning Among Exemplar Teachers
Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine self-reported relative use of cooperative learning among exemplar teachers. Comparisons were made of teacher-reported actual versus preferred use ofExpand
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Control of constrained nonlinear systems: a case study
Presents a Lyapunov function approach to the control of nonlinear systems that are subject to pointwise-in-time constraints on state and control. This approach is applied to an electromechanicalExpand
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Living Room Culture—An Anthropological Study of Television Usage Behaviors
Traditionally, research at Thomson has been conducted in the laboratory. This study, however, took place in users' homes. This work investigated the television (TV) viewing behaviors of nineExpand
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New measurement of deep-inelastic e-p asymmetries
Spin-dependent asymmetries have been measured in inclusive deep-inelastic scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons by longitudinally polarized protons. Data were obtained at a scatteringExpand
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Analysis of Student Performance in an Internship Program in a U.S. university
Supervisor evaluations of the on-the-job performance of 629 internship students, collected over a five-year timeframe, were analyzed. Students were evaluated on the following five general workplaceExpand
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We describe a structure for launching the TE 01 and both polarizations of TE 12 modes into a highly overmoded low loss circular waveguide providing remote transmission for a multi-moded Delay LineExpand
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Evaluation of internal standards and extraction solvents in the gas chromatographic determination of thiamine
Abstract A previously developed gas chromatographic method for determining thiamine has been improved by using a pre-extraction internal standard to reduce the amount of reagents and degree of skillExpand
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Research and development toward a 4.5−1.5 Å linac coherent light source (LCLS) at SLAC
Abstract In recent years significant studies have been initiated on the feasibility of utilizing a portion of the 3 km S-band accelerator at SLAC to drive a short wavelength (4.5−1.5 A) LinacExpand
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Nonlinear control of electrostatically shaped membrane with state and control constraints
A control scheme for electrostatically shaping a membrane at a desired equilibrium, that may be open loop unstable, without violating specified state and control constraints. Expand
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