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Overland flow in wetlands: vegetation resistance.
Emergent wetland vegetation frequently provides most of the resistance to flow of surface water. Stems are typically spaced many diameters apart. Therefore, fluid friction should be computed fromExpand
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Equilibrium‐limited periodic separating reactors
A new unit operation is presented that utilizes a rapid feed pressure swing cycle in a bed packed with catalyst and adsorbent to effect both reaction and separation. This hybrid device combinesExpand
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The reduction of Al2O3 to aluminum in a plasma
The reduction of aluminum oxide to aluminum in radio frequency generated plasmas was studied experimentally. Argon with hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane were used as plasma gases. Product wasExpand
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The behaviour of the dispersed phase in liquid-liquid cocurrent flow through a packed bed
The drop size distributions produced by the cocurrent flow of kerosene dispersed in water through a vertical column packed with spheres have been measured at different levels of flow rate, volumeExpand
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Chlorination of sulfur dioxide in a plasma arc photochemical reactor: Part I. Reactor performance
This is a study of a photochemical reactor consisting of a vortex-stabilized arc and an annular, triple-walled, fused silica reaction chamber. An argon arc plasma provides the light. For power inputsExpand
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Chlorination of sulfur dioxide in a plasma arc photochemical reactor: Part II. Chlorination of sulfur dioxide
The photochemical chlorination of sulfur dioxide was investigated experimentally. The photochemical reactor was the vortex-stabilized arc radiation source described in Part I. Aqueous inorganicExpand
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