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Novel antitumor agents CI-920, PD 113,270 and PD 113,271. II. Isolation and characterization.
A complex of structurally related compounds that exhibit in vivo antileukemic activity was isolated from fermentation broths of a new streptomycete. The components of this complex are water solubleExpand
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PD 124,895 and PD 124,966, two new antitumor antibiotics.
The isolation and characterization of the title antibiotics, which are produced by the same Streptomyces sp., is described. The potent antitumor agent, PD 124,895, is an analog of hydroxyelactocinExpand
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Roridin l-2, a new trichothecene
The structure (2) of roridin L-2 is shown to be a C29-trichothecene that lacks the macrocyclic lactone system usually present in the roridins.
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Isolation and Structure of a New Antibiotic Related to Rubiflavin A
A novel antibiotic, PD 121,222, was isolated from a complex of pluramycin-like compounds containing mostly kidamycin and neopluramycin. Spectral analyses showed that this compound is theExpand
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PD 114,759 and PD 115,028, novel antitumor antibiotics with phenomenal potency. I. Isolation and characterization.
The isolation of two new antibiotics, PD 114,759 and PD 115,028, exhibiting in vivo antitumor activity at extremely low doses is described. The physico-chemical properties of these sulfur-containingExpand
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Two new trichothecenes, PD 113,325 and PD 113,326.
Two new trichothecenes, PD 113,325 and PD 113,326, were isolated and their structures were shown to be 12'-hydroxy-2'-(E)-verrucarin J (1a) and a stereoisomer of satratoxin H (3).
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PD 116,152, a new phenazine antitumor antibiotic. Structure and antitumor activity.
A new, highly substituted phenazine with antitumor activity was isolated from the culture broth of a Streptomyces sp. This compound, whose structure was determined by spectroscopic methods andExpand
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Fingerprint methods used to identify known antineoplastic agents in culture filtrates.
In the search for novel antineoplastic agents in culture filtrates, several techniques have been used for detection or assay purposes. Some of these methods have involved a microbial orExpand
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PD 113,618 and PD 118,309, new pactamycin analogs.
Two antibiotics were isolated from culture broths of a Streptomyces sp. and identified as 8"-hydroxypactamycin and 7-deoxypactamycin. The latter antibiotic was shown to be identical to cranomycin. AnExpand
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