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A history of economic theory and method
Offering in-depth coverage of economic ideas from the ancient Greeks to the 1990s, this text provides an insight into the broad scope of past intellectual contributions to the evolution ofExpand
An Economic Analysis of the Protestant Reformation
This paper seeks to explain the initial successes and failures of Protestantism on economic grounds. It argues that the medieval Roman Catholic Church, through doctrinal manipulation, the exclusionExpand
Sacred Trust: The Medieval Church as an Economic Firm
The Church dominated society in the Middle Ages and functioned as a quasi-government, providing public and private goods. This book is the first to examine specific institutions in the Church in theExpand
The Marketplace of Christianity
This startlingly original (and sure to be controversial) account of the evolution of Christianity shows that the economics of religion has little to do with counting the money in the collectionExpand
An Economic Model of the Medieval Church: Usury as a Form of Rent Seeking
One of the oldest institutions of Western Christendom is the medieval church.' This article treats the institutional Roman Catholic church of the Middle Ages as an economic organization and utilizesExpand
The Economics of the Counter‐Reformation: Incumbent‐Firm Reaction to Market Entry
The Catholic Church reacted to the Protestant Reformation by taking on the defensive posture of an incumbent-firm monopoly fighting to survive in the face of new competition. Contemporary firmsExpand
Secret Origins of Modern Microeconomics: Dupuit and the Engineers
How did contemporary microeconomic theory emerge? Who were its chief architects? Conventional wisdom points largely to the work of Alfred Marshall (1842-1924) and his colleagues in England in theExpand
Retrospectives: The Origins of Neoclassical Microeconomics
Until recently, the standard story line in history of thought textbooks was that a triumvirate of British and Continental writers established demarcation between classical economics and neoclassicalExpand
The Dupuit-Marshall Theory of Competitive Equilibrium
Working with the classical expressions of demand, supply, and market adjustments, the French engineer Jules Dupuit developed a model of competitive market adjustments in different time dimensionsExpand
Ethics, Engineering, and Natural Monopoly: The "Modern Debate" between Leon Walras and Jules Dupuit
In the 1986 Royer Lectures delivered at the University of California at Berkeley, Amartya Sen (1987) argued that economics sprang from two different origins, both related to politics, but inExpand